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TColossalGrid (Updated for Delphi 2005! Updated 31-May-2005 )

Delphi, C++Builder

The most powerful grid control available for Delphi and C++Builder. Features include

  • Bound and unbound operation
  • Multiple rows per record
  • Independent scrolling zones
  • Headers and footers
  • Properties can be changed are design time down to the column level and to the individual cell level at run time.

Latest features include the ability to draw your own headers and footers.

May be used without fee for applications distributed with source code. Other applications require licensing fees.

Test Version GRID3.ZIP 780 K Bytes Modified for Delphi 2005

Current Version GRID2.ZIP 519K Bytes (Bug Fixes - Thanks for the reports!)

TPerformanceBar (22-July-1998)


This control displays a bar graph that shows the current value for a system performance statistic such a % CPU utilization or page fault rate.


TVersionInfo (18-June-1998)


This control extracts the version information for an application and automatically displays it in TLabel controls. Create and About dialog box, drop a TVersionInfo control on it, link some labels, and you're read to go.




On Unix records within a text file a separated by <LF> characters. In Windows they are separated by <CR><LF> pairs. This causes problems if you need to read or write to files on a network drive on a Unix system. The StreamFile unit allows you to read and write Unix-style text files while using standard Pascal I/O functions.

StreamFile.PAS 5K Bytes


Image Library

Standard C++, Delphi

Version 4.3 of the Image Library (Now with Delphi Source Code!!!!)

The image library has been completely overhauled and bugs have been fixed.   The latest version includes encoders and decoders for JPEG,  Windows BMP, and PNG. The enhanced image library is available from this page. It works with Borland C++Builder,  Borland Delphi, Free Pascal and MS C++. 

Do you want to learn how the image library works?

Click here to learn about a book from AWL that explains how to write encoders and decoders for the most popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

CRC Class (August 1999)

Standard C++

This is a template class for generating Cyclic Redundancy Codes [/Checks]. It includes instanciations for various popular C++ variants. If works with Borland C++Builder. Sorry, it does not work with "Visual C++" due to Microsoft's poor template handling.

CRC.ZIP 10K Bytes

Currency Class

Standard C++

The currency class represents currency values exactly using decimal arithmetic. It contains elaborate formatting capabilities for use with ostreams. Visual C++ users make have to make modifications because of differences in loop variable scope.



Standard C++

This application dumps the contents of JPEG blocks in a JFIF file.


EBCDIC <=> ASCII Translation Tables

This C/C++ header file contains arrays that map ASCII to EBCDIC and EBCDIC to ASCII.

ebcdicascii.h 8K Bytes