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The Legal Research System of the Future

Like nearly everyone else, I am extremely frustrated by legal resarch systems. Since I first encountered Westlaw and Lexis in law school, I have been saving ideas on how these systems could be improved. Unfortunately, the WEXIS duopoly that dominates the market has no intention of doing anything new.

I have repackaged these ideas as The Legal Research System of the Future.

Text Presentations


This is an introducton on how graph techology can be used in a new legal research system

Video Presentations

This is being convereted into a series of videos to present these concepts. I share them here in the hope that someone will build a legal research system that is more than a Google box on top of a legal database.

These videos are avaible in 1080p high definition.

Part I: Content Formatting

Just reading content in a legal reseach system is a chore. This video addresses how content should be formatted in a legal research system.

A viewer sent me a link to this Scientific American article that addresses the background of some of the issues I raised in the Part I.

Part II: An Irreverent Look at the Legal Research Market

This is a humorous look at the stagnation in the legal research market. It explains why there is now an opening for a new legal research system.

Part III: The System Canvas

How the Legal Research System of the Future should use the system canvas from a customer perspective.

Part IV: Citations and Citators

Part V: Court Workstation

Topics under development

Many more waiting in the queue.