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Refit Enterprise Wiring Diagram

Wiring the Enterprise

This is a simple circuit for the strobe and navigation lights on the Enterprise. These are all common and inexpensive parts that you can even find at most Radio Shacks.

You will need:

1 x Circuit Board
2 x 555 Timing Chips
2 x 8 pin sockets
2 x 10 uF Capacitors
1 x 10K Ohm Resistor
1 x 12K Ohm Resistor
1 x 120K Ohm Resistor
1 x 220K Ohm Resistor
1 Diode (Not strictly necessary but this will help prevent the burning smell, crackling sound and need to start over if you accidentally reverse the input.)
The cost will depend up on where you do your shopping. A 555 chip can cost fifteen cents at an electronics store and $2 at Radio Shack You might want to get extras in case you screw up.

This is how you wire your circuit board should look.

wiring diagram

As you can see there are two circuits that differ only in the resistors. The capacitor and resistor pairs control the timing.

The timings here a compromises for standard resistors and capacitors. If you do not like these timings you can find a 555 calculator on the Internet can come up with your own. One word of caution is that you can have problems if you use lower capacitance. You could also include a potentiometer and manually fine tune the timings.

The output from this circuit comes from pin 3 of the 555 chip. The chip alternates the polarity of this pin between + and -. This circuit assumes that you wire your LEDs with the + (anode) connected to a constant voltage source and the - (cathode) to pin 3 output. Since current only flows one way through a LED + becomes OFF and - becomes ON. (The reason for wiring pin three to cathodes is that there is no resister/capacitor combination that will give a strobe effect with pin 3 connect to anodes.)

I have tested this circuit using 9 volts. It should work in the 6 to 12 volt range that you should be using

The trek community is gets fanatical about copying files. This diagram can be found in many web sites. I do not mind but I am the original source. In other words, I am not copying someone else here.