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This is the mainmast, forward fire control tower and bridge area. At the far right you can see the top of the armored conning tower poking up at the fire control level. Immediately below is the navigation bridge which surrounds the conning tower with glass panels. The level blow that is the flag bridge. At this level the conning tower is exposed at the front and sides. At the rear on either side is a glass panel enclosure.

Behind the bridge area is the forward fire control tower. At the very top is the forward 16" gun director. Below that on either side is the rectangular "ears" which distinguish the New Jersey from her sisters.

The main radar has been removed from the top of the main mast with only a small one are the front remaining. The tall antenna at the rear of the mainmast platform is for TACAN.

Two of the ship's four 5" gun directors are visible here. Another is on the other side of the smoke stack and the other is at the aft end of the superstructure out of the picture. Two 5" gun turrets are also to be seen at the bottom of the picture as well as one of the four phalanx guns.

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This the underside of the missile platform erected as part of the 1980's renovation viewed from behind the aft starboard 5" gun turret.

nj-023.jpg (94364 bytes)

The same platform from a greater distance.

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These are the doors forward of the aft starboard 5" gun turret.

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This is the remnant of the 40mm gun tub located above the starboard side entrance to the ward room. The gun was removed during Lyndon Johnson's war but the tub remained, was painted light blue, and was used as a swimming pool. Most of the tub was cut away during the 1980's renovation. Note that there is no evidence of the removed tub in the wood planking.

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This is the location of the starboard chaff dispensers.

nj-042.jpg (130010 bytes)

The same on the port side. The lights were added during the museum renovation.

nj-045.jpg (145895 bytes)

A close up of the starboard chaff dispensers.

nj-075.jpg (144685 bytes)

A starboard side ladder leading to the bridge level on the main mast. This is located between the forward phalanx mount and the chaff platform.

nj-076.jpg (134430 bytes)

There is a magnetic compass behind the fore stack at the navigation bridge level. Two tomahawk launchers are visible.

nj-084.jpg (144887 bytes)

The location of starboard middle 5" gun turret removed during the 1980's renovation. The tomahawk platform is visible at the right.

nj-079.jpg (157600 bytes)

The same on the port side.

nj-082.jpg (203621 bytes)

Two starboard tomahawk launchers viewed from behind the fore stack.

nj-077.jpg (194657 bytes)

This antenna platform is located at the forward edge of the tomahawk platform on the starboard side. (The picture being taken from the centerline of the ship.) There is no similar platform on the port side.

nj-081.jpg (169125 bytes)

The aft stack. When in service, there was an antenna on the platform at the top.

nj-080.jpg (144908 bytes)

This is the aft smoke stack. Two empty harpoon launchers are at the bottom of the photo. The starboard boat derrick is at the right.

nj-111.jpg (117270 bytes)

One the starboard side, behind the rear 5" turret, there is an elevator. I do not know if one is on the port side as well as I did not have access to that area of the ship.

nj-109.jpg (152158 bytes)

A close up of the elevator track.

nj-018.jpg (107328 bytes)

The aft stack and mainmast viewed from the port side of the aft deck. Note the tomahawk launcher in the foreground.

nj-098.jpg (196232 bytes)

The underside of the starboard "ear".

nj-107.jpg (131919 bytes)