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Hull and Deck Edge Details

This photograph shows a detail of the fore deck at its starboard edge (looking forward). There is a metal margin of about 4 inches with the hull raised about 4 inches above the deck. The rails are attached to this margin

nj-002.jpg (270376 bytes)

This is a similar section aft of the boat storage (starboard side looking forward) along side the aft 5" mounting. Here, at the narrowest port of the deck,  there is no margin.

nj-101.jpg (192470 bytes)

This is a view of the starboard entrance to the wardroom. Note that the chocks are flush with the edge of the hull. Contrast this with may kits which have them recessed so they are flush with the edge of the deck piece. Also not the rain deflectors over the portholes and the remnants of a 40mm gun tub above the wardroom entrance. Pictures show the platform in the center of the picture mounting a .50" machine gun with a large shield. The white thing on the tripod mount is for firing salutes.

nj-114.jpg (183121 bytes)

This is a large chock (foredeck, starboard side). Note the roller, a detail missing in most kits and that the chock is flush with the hull edge.

nj-115.jpg (280583 bytes)

On the other hand the bitts are recessed from the edge of the hull. The chock in the foreground is the same as in the previous picture.

nj-116.jpg (249703 bytes)

Here is a close up of one of the many drain pipes found at various heights along the hull. While usually modeled as a rectangular projection, they are rounded tubes. These pipes were added during the 1980's renovation. The kink at the top of the photo is the boar enclosure. The hull ends at the bend.

nj-110.jpg (88183 bytes)

Drain Pipes

These photograph have been selected to illustrate the locations of the drain pipes. None were taken by mae and  I believe them to be Navy photographs.

There are six drains on the port side and seven on the starboard.


Port Side Photos

bb62harpoon2.jpg (24703 bytes)

bb62lebanon.jpg (766072 bytes)

uss-nj.jpg (620385 bytes)

Starboard Side Photos

bb62atpearl2.jpg (81796 bytes)

bbnj0205.jpg (57095 bytes)

BBNJ28-1989.jpg (118911 bytes)