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The forecastle is dominated by the DISCONE command communications antenna installed during the Lyndon Johnson's War activation.

nj-004.jpg (129411 bytes)

A broad view of the forecastle.

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This is a closer view showing the wiring of the antenna. The main supports are 8" in diameter and the diagonal braces are 6". On each side there are three horizontal 4" bars at approximately the hight of the wires in the fence.

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Looking closer a little lower you can see the anchor chain path. Observe that this a painted on protective surface and is not elevated as shown in many kits.

nj-007.jpg (171342 bytes)

A close up of the hatch in the preceding picture.

nj-010.jpg (179380 bytes)

The pipe leading to the chain locker. Note that there is no ramp leading up to the capstan as depicted in many models.

nj-013.jpg (181971 bytes)

This diagram shows the size of the bitts. The bitts vary in size by a few inches.

bitts.jpg (44878 bytes)

A close up view of the port capstan looking towards the starboard bow.

nj-016.jpg (202840 bytes)

This is a scale diagram I made from measuring the structures above. my sketch has one issue. The capstan goes to the opposite side shown.

capstan.jpg (121707 bytes)

The capstan controls viewed from the port side There are four of these wheels behind the capstan. (One of the four is out of the picture to the left). I assume that one pair controls the power to the each captain while the other pair is a brake.

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The breakwater viewed from the port side.

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The rear of the breakwater viewed from the starboard side.nj-117.jpg (198182 bytes)


This is the remnants of the forward port 40mm gun tub which was removed during Lyndon Johnson's War. The solid circle in the center is metal. It is outlines with planking. There is a thin metal strip marking the outlines of the gun tub. It is surrounded on both sides by circular planking.

nj-008.jpg (243149 bytes)

This is the starboard 40mm gun tub. The planking here is a bit cleaner.

nj-011.jpg (160734 bytes)

The hatches in front of the breakwater have been covered over either by the Navy during storage or as part of the renovation to keep visitors from falling in. This is not how they looked in service.

nj-009.jpg (176141 bytes)

Directly behind these hatches is a warning line running all the way across the deck.

nj-006.jpg (178975 bytes)

There is a similar line on both sides running from the number two turret. This is viewed from the port side.

nj-025.jpg (158112 bytes)

I believe this was the 20mm ammunition magazine/clipping room located under and at the forward end of the number two turret. There is a small door on the starboard side a well but is small, the same size as the door visiable at the front of the structure. The metal plate on the deck bisected by the shadow covers the hatch for loading 16" shells into the magazine.

nj-034.jpg (157683 bytes)

This is the forward side of this structure.

nj-031.jpg (147651 bytes)