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Fire Control

Fire control is located in the conning tower one deck above the bridge.

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Like the bridge, fire control is surrounded by a deck but this one is open. Unlike the the bridge level, there are a lot of gadgets here.

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This is the view forward from the fire control deck.

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A marine radar is mounted on the roof of the conning tower. This was added as part of the 1980's reactivation. The museum plans to have this operating so visitors can see a radar image of the Delaware River and its traffic. The two spotlights were added as part of the museum renovation.

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The roof of the conning tower has many periscopes.

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From the fire control platform you can get a good view of the structure of the forward fire control tower. The large boxes on either side of the tower were added during Lyndon Johnson's War for electronic countermeasures. The New Jersey is the only ship to have this structure which makes her instantly distinguishable from her sisters. At the top center of the picture the ship's horn is a bit cut off. The opening is painted red. The radar dish at the bottom is from the forward 5" director. Note the anemometers at the ends of the yardarm.

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This rectangular structure is located at the base of the fire control tower behind the conning tower.

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This is the primary conning station located on the forward fire control tower. It is open but covered with a tarp. The rectangular structure in the previous picture is at the bottom of this picture.

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This is a closer shot showing the steel bell. The black lettering says "U.S.S New Jersey 1943".

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The port side of the same structure.

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