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This is a view of the main bridge taken from the open area behind it. There area is empty except for a chair for the captain at the forward end and a telephone next to it. The starboard side is the same. Note that the bridge enclosure is not a very substantial structure.

nj-049.jpg (151959 bytes)

As soon as you enter the enclosed bridge from the location in of the previous picture you come to the entrance of the armored conning tower.

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The ship's wheel is inside this structure. Vision is through a slit.

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There is a corresponding door on the starboard side as well. This is the view in.

nj-046.jpg (127764 bytes)

The view forward from the bridge. The glass windows simply cover a walkway surrounding the armored conning tower. There is not much in there except for a captain's chair on the starboard side.

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While I have tried to stick to exterior pictures, the area in this photo was outside on the New Jersey (and Iowa) when she was built. This is the enclosed area behind the conning tower looking towards the starboard side. To the immediate right would be the entrance from the port side open bridge area. To the right of the area where the man is standing is the corresponding exit to the starboard side open bridge area. The is looking towards a door leading to the navigation and chart room located immediately behind the bulkhead at the right of the picture. If one makes a left turn as soon as entering this door, one comes to the Captain's sea cabin.

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