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A motor boat at the starboard side cradle.

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The same boat from the stern. The propeller is from a whaleboat suspended above.

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The boat cradle. Numerous benches have been stored here.

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The cradle viewed from the gangplank.

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Detail of the propeller.

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The whaleboat.

nj-022.jpg (148179 bytes)

How the whaleboat is suspended from the davit. (Starboard side viewed from the pier.)

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Detail of the bumper.

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The starboard davit looking forward.

nj-019.jpg (148142 bytes)

The fore end of the same davit looking aft.

nj-037.jpg (136461 bytes)

The same viewed from above.

nj-053.jpg (119690 bytes)

The port side davit.

nj-051.jpg (386413 bytes)

Click here for an plan of the boat davit (large image).