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5" Guns

The New Jersey was built with ten 5" turrets, each with 2 guns for a total of twenty 5" guns.. During the 1980's renovation four of these turrets were removed to accommodate missiles and possibly to reduce manning requirements (each turret requires 48 men).

This is one of the two rear access doors on the aft starboard turret.

nj-028.jpg (112042 bytes)

This is the entrance on the other side of the same turret.

nj-026.jpg (104418 bytes)

A detail of the door.

nj-056.jpg (132666 bytes)

This is the roof of the same turret.

nj-055.jpg (138263 bytes)

This is the roof of the middle port turret. Note the roof is covered with an anti-skid surface.

nj-052.jpg (402680 bytes)

Click here for a plan of the turret commander's hood.