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16" Guns

This is the number one turret viewed from the port side. Observe that here the ladder is painted black while most photographs show them being gray. This is one of three paint scheme found on turret ladders. The two hoists visible in this photograph are for lowering shells from through a deck hatch to the magazine.

nj-032.jpg (117565 bytes)

This is a close up of the bucklers on the number one turret. They are made out of rubber. Note that portion of the gun that recoils inward has been painted gray during the renovation. This was bare metal when in service.

nj-033.jpg (110411 bytes)

Here is a view of the ladder visible in the previous picture. It is painted black with a black background. I have never seen this paint scheme on a turret ladder in a picture of the New Jersey while in service. I have seen in service pictures of the Missouri with turret ladders painted this way.

nj-036.jpg (144428 bytes)

This picture shows the clutter on the roof of the number two turret. Contrast this with the relative emptiness of the number one turret. The turret roofs appear to be covered with an anti-skid surface. The two-legged structure folded over the right of the number two turret is for supporting lines to transfer material to other ships.

nj-058.jpg (209547 bytes)

This is the port rangefinder extension on the number 2 turret. Note the anti-skid covering.

nj-064.jpg (91249 bytes)

Yes, that's a 16" shell but the reason for this photograph was to show the remnants of the rangefinder on the number one turret. There was rangefinder here when the ship was built but is was removed before the Korean War.

nj-029.jpg (138282 bytes)

These are close up views of the side periscopes on the number one turret. They look as though they were completely painted over during the renovation.

nj-030.jpg (118398 bytes)

This is the port rangefinder extension of the number 3 turret. The aperture and frame surrounding it are brass.

nj-097.jpg (179228 bytes)

Click here for a plan of a 16" gun barrel (large image).